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367-372 M. Pexa and J. Mařík
The impact of biofuels and technical engine condition to its smoke – Zetor 8641 Forterra
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The impact of biofuels and technical engine condition to its smoke – Zetor 8641 Forterra

M. Pexa* and J. Mařík

Faculty of Engineering, CULS-Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Kamycka 129, 16521 Prague 6, Czech Republic; *Correspondence: pexa@tf.czu.cz Abstract: The large number of vehicles necessitated the introduction of rules that focus in addition to traffic safety on the ecology of operation of the engine especially. Over time, the emission limits in amendments to regulations tightened, and this also applies to agriculture. One of the efforts of the EU is the introduction of biofuels precisely because, among other things, they have an impact on reducing emissions from the operation of internal combustion engines. Fatty acid methyl ester is promoted as the best substitute for diesel fuels, in the Czech conditions, namely rapeseed methyl ester (RME – Rapeseed Methyl Ester). The requirements for diesel fuel are established with the standard EN 590 and the requirements for RME with the standard EN 14 214. Efforts are made to promote replacement of the old fleet with the new. A large percentage of obsolete vehicles in poor condition still remain in use in small farms. In this paper, a comparison of a smoke combustion engine tractor Zetor 8641 Forterra when using fuels with different ratios of diesel and RME is provided. For comparison, a common test is performed in the technical emission (measurement of smoke on the principle of free acceleration). In order to assess the influence of the technical condition of an internal combustion engine and rapeseed methyl ester on smoke, gradually simulated faults of turbochargers, opening pressure and spray of pre-injection fuel injectors on a selected motor are used. The result showed that deteriorating technical condition of an internal combustion engine decreases the positive effect of rapeseed oil methyl ester blended into the fuel on smoke. Key words: biofuel, smoke, technical condition of the engine.



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