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1247-1256 L.M. Abenavoli, F. Cuzzupoli, V. Chiaravalloti and A.R. Proto
Traceability system of olive oil: a case study based on the performance of a new software cloud
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Traceability system of olive oil: a case study based on the performance of a new software cloud

L.M. Abenavoli¹*, F. Cuzzupoli², V. Chiaravalloti¹ and A.R. Proto¹

¹Department of AGRARIA, Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, Località Feo di Vito, IT 89126 Reggio Calabria, Italy
²CFadvanced – Mosorrofa, IT 89100 Reggio Calabria, Italy
*Correspondence: laben@unirc.it


For all the European agrifood establishments from the year 2005 it became mandatory the Regulation EC 178/2002 which obliges them to implement an internal system for tracking and tracing (T&T) of the products; the Regulations that has introduced an ‘obligatory route’ that consists of the construction of the ‘certified historic’ of a food or an ingredient along the supply chain. The Regulation concerns all food companies and in particular those in which there are different actors that contribute to obtaining the final product as in the case of the supply chain of olive oil.

Informatics with modern technology allows us to provide the company with a software solution, usable as a web application, everything housed on a system cloud server. The project goal was to implement a WebApplication based on Cloud Platform and centralize all information about to the context of the production of olive oil.
The results showed that the centralization of data provided by the software in question permit the various figures of the supply chain of olive oil to collaborate in an environment where you get all the information in real time. The system implements algorithms that provide notification messages that indicate if there are any delays in production/processing in terms of quality of the olive oil sought.
The operators and final customer will be equipped with an APP free for smartphones, which allow you to detect in a simple and immediate all data (in synchronize with the cloud system) and to get the product TRACEABILITY.

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