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919-928 N. Ertaş,, D. Sert and M.K. Demir
Functional properties of tarhana enriched with whey concentrate
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Functional properties of tarhana enriched with whey concentrate

N. Ertaş¹,*, D. Sert¹ and M.K. Demir¹

¹Department of Food Engineering, Engineering & Architecture Faculty, Necmettin Erbakan University, Konya, 42060, Turkey; *Correspondence: dr.nilgunertas@gmail.com


Whey concentrate is often sold as a nutritional supplement and include proteins, minerals, vitamins and other components (low levels of fat and low levels of lactose). Whey concentrates is well known for their high nutritional value and versatile functional properties in food products. The aim of this study was to enrich tarhana by using whey concentrate (WC) instead of yoghurt. Foaming capacity and foam stability, water and oil absorption capacity, emulsifying activity as a functional properties, colour properties and sweetness, body-texture, colour-appearance, mouthfeel, acerbity, homogeneity, consistency and overall acceptability as a sensorial characteristics of tarhana samples were determined. The highest foaming capacity values were obtained with 50% WC substitution, but 50% WC addition gave the lowest foam stability values. Oil absorption capacity and emulsifying activity values of tarhana samples were decreased by increasing WC levels. Tarhana samples containing WC were lighter according to colour values than the control tarhana samples made with yoghurt. Tarhana soup prepared with 12.5% WC addition was similar to the control in homogeneity and overall acceptability.

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