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413-420 H. Kalkis, Z. Roja, V. Kalkis and I. Rezepina
Ergonomics approach in entrepreneurship
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Ergonomics approach in entrepreneurship

H. Kalkis¹*, Z. Roja², V. Kalkis² and I. Rezepina¹

¹Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Latvia, Aspazijas blvd.5, LV-1050, Riga, Latvia; *Correspondence: henrijs.kalkis@lu.lv
²Ergonomics Research Centre, University of Latvia, K. Valdemara 48,LV-1013, Riga, Latvia


The research focuses on determination of the workload and work strain in small andmedium-sized metalworking enterprises of Latvia. A number of studies in the world prove thatthe effectiveness of an organisation is closely related to a human, performer of the work, whoseskills and health affect the results of the organisation’s activity. This research, by applyingergonomics load evaluation methods, showed that extensive workload and work strain inmetalworking enterprises has a negative impact on workers’ wellbeing and health. Theeconomics effectiveness calculations confirmed that the investments in ergonomics inmetalworking manufacturing processes maintain human resources and are economicallyfavourable in ensuring enterprise effectiveness, but further studies are necessary to evaluateworkers’ contribution and willingness to participate in ergonomics interventions.

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