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1846–1860 V. Bulgakov, H. Kaletnik, T. Goncharuk, A. Rucins, I. Dukulis and S. Pascuzzi
Research of the movement of agricultural aggregates using the methods of the movement stability theory
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Research of the movement of agricultural aggregates using the methods of the movement stability theory

V. Bulgakov¹, H. Kaletnik², T. Goncharuk², A. Rucins³*, I. Dukulis³ and S. Pascuzzi⁴

¹National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Heroyiv Oborony street 15, Kyiv UA 03041, Ukraine
²Vinnytsia National Agrarian University, Soniachna street 3, UA21008 Vinnytsia, Ukraine
³Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Liela street 2, Jelgava, LV-3001, Latvia
⁴University of Bari Aldo Moro, Via Amendola, 165/A, IT70125 Bari, Italy
*Correspondence: adolfs.rucins@llu.lv


The theory of the movement stability is of crucial practical importance for mobile agricultural machines and machine aggregates, since it determines how qualitative and stable their performance is in a particular technological process. It is especially urgent To ensure stable movement for operation at high speeds of contemporary agricultural aggregates. The aim of this investigation is detailed examination of criteria for the stability assessment of a mechanical system used in agriculture, enabling their wide application in order to study the performance of the system in the case when it is affected by random forces that were not taken into account in the original model. The considered calculation methods and examples of their application make it possible to evaluate the performance of complex dynamic systems without numerical solution of complicated differential equations of the movement in the presence of external disturbances. The considered example of the stability determination of the movement of a trailed cultivator showed that this research method can be successfully used for practical purposes. Besides, a differential equation of disturbed movement has been composed for an actually symmetrical trailed agricultural machine with a particular mass, which moves at a constant forward speed under the impact of summary resistance force running along the symmetry axis of the cultivator and is applied at its centre of gravity. Reduced to normal Cauchy form, this equation was solved on the PC, which made it possible to determine immediately the conditions for stable movement of the trailed cultivator.

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