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55-65 G. Pupinis
Grain drying by use of changeable air flow method
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Grain drying by use of changeable air flow method

G. Pupinis

Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Lithuanian University of Agriculture Raudondvaris,LT-51132 Kaunas, Lithuania; e-mail: pupinis@mei.lt


The article describes a new energy saving method for drying grain. The idea of the method is that once moisture released from grain decreases, air discharge going through the grain is reduced as well. ´Roland´ variety of barley with 25% and 30% moisture content was used in the trial. It was dried with a changeable air discharge in order to maintain absorption qualities. After the drying process has begun, air flow to the grain is reduced in the process of drying as the relative moisture content of air passing through decreases. It has been established that the optimum initial air discharge is 800 m3 (t h)-1. During grain drying air discharge is reduced and it can be described by equation0,0114969.85xye−=, R2 = 0.8088.The scheme for a designed and manufactured trial device is presented. Intensity of airdischarge and dynamics of moisture absorption in a layer of dried grain have been established.

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