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105–111 Alma Valskytė, Kęstutis Tamošiūnas, Janina Gošovskienė and Gintautas Cesevičius
Monitoring of early attacks of late blight in Lithuania
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Monitoring of early attacks of late blight in Lithuania

Alma Valskytė¹, Kęstutis Tamošiūnas², Janina Gošovskienė³ and Gintautas Cesevičius⁴

¹Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture Voke branch, Žalioji a.2, 4002 Vilnius, Lithuania; e-mail: alma.valskyte@voke.lzi.lt
²Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture, Instituto al. 1, Akademija, Kėdainių r., l, Lithuania; e-mail: lziaa@lzi.lt
³State Plant Protection Service, Pelesos 85, Vilnius, Lithuania; e-mail: vaatgo@vaat.lt
⁴Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service, Stoties 5, Akademija, 5051 Kėdainių r., Lithuania; e-mail: aug3@lzukt.lt


Late blight monitoring means continual observations of late blight development during potato vegetation period. The aim of potato late blight monitoring is to establish the first appearance of late blight symptoms and to observe the development of potato late blight in different regions of Lithuania.  The Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture (LIA), the Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service (LAAS) and the State Plant Protection Service (SPPS) implement monitoring of late blight in Lithuania and have been taking part in the program of late blight monitoring in the Nordic and Baltic countries since 1999 (http://www.web-blight.net).
In 2001 potato late blight monitoring was carried out in 20 districts of Lithuania. Observations were made in 53 fields and 23 potato varieties of different maturity and susceptibility. First symptoms of late blight in Lithuania in 2001 were established on  15 June in Varėna district. During the season, the development of late blight had an epiphytotic character.

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