41-58 V. Bulgakov,, V. Adamchuk, G. Kaletnik, M. Arak and J. Olt
Mathematical model of vibration digging up of root crops from soil
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Mathematical model of vibration digging up of root crops from soil

V. Bulgakov¹,*, V. Adamchuk², G. Kaletnik³, M. Arak⁴ and J. Olt⁴

¹National University of Bioresources and Nature Management of Ukraine, 15 Heroiv Oborony St., 03041 Kyiv, Ukraine; *Correspondence: vbulgakov@meta.ua 2National Scientific Centre ‘Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Electrification’ National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine (NAASU), 11 Vokzalna St., Glevakha-1, Vasylkiv District, Kyiv Region, 08630, Ukraine 3Vinnitsa National Agrarian University, 3 Soniachna Str., 21008 Vinnytsia, Ukraine 4Institute of Technology, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Kreutzwaldi 56, EE51014 Tartu, Estonia


A new theory of vibrational digging up of root crops from the soil has been developed. The Hamilton-Ostrogradski variational principle is used, on the basis of which we have received the differential equation of longitudinal oscillations of the root in the soil with an infinite number of degrees of freedom. Solution of the given equation provided the possibility to determine the main parameters of the tools that are used in modern beet harvesters. Key words: root crop, digging tool, vibrational digging up, variational principle, differential equation, constructive parameters.INTRODUCTION

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