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1123–1131 D. Maksimov, H. Kalkis, Y. Perevoschikov and Z. Roja
Use of qualimetry method in production labour estimation
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Use of qualimetry method in production labour estimation

D. Maksimov¹*, H. Kalkis², Y. Perevoschikov¹ and Z. Roja³

¹Institute of Economics and Management, Udmurt State University, 1, Universitetskaya Str, bld. 4, RU426034 Izhevsk, Russia
²Faculty of European Studies, Riga Stradins University, Dzirciema street 16, LV 1007 Riga, Latvia
³University of Latvia, Raina blvd. 19, LV-1586 Riga, Latvia
*Correspondence: maksim.dan.gen@gmail.com


Every work process of production organization involves employees and employer interaction with each other by “agreement”. Such agreement is contracted based on the implementation of concrete types of work processes in particular workplaces. The general the total number of workplaces are continuous interaction areas of people to transform substance, energy and information. The solution of the assigned tasks requires the methodology for designing product quality, analyzing market consumer needs, forecasting potential prices and detecting effectiveness in order to present the strategic objectives in digital values. This study is part of a larger investigation which involves principles of economic metrology and qualimetry of work. The purpose of the research is to demonstrate use of qualimetry in the production organization, based on experience of several years in many industry organisations by focusing on engineering.

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